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Autotriz provides a complete All Surface Protection packages of Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars & Bikes. We also provides customized solutions for Detailing, Polishing and regular Car care

Nano Ceramic Coating


The World's Most Advanced Polysilazane- We make the different!

AUTOTRIZ patented Polysilazane based nano coating is the latest breakthrough in paint protection using multi-functional nano ceramic coating technology. A tough and strong protective barrier of three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure is formed with the paint with strong covalent bond. The cross linking molecular structure increases paint hardness to above 9H, producing extreme clarity, high glossy, hydrophobic and ultra-smooth surface.

AUTOTRIZ is proven to effectively protect thousands of exotic cars globally no matter in what weather conditions

Presents in 20 Countries Globally


TÜV SÜD and SGS are the world’s largest technical certification organization providing testing, inspection and verification for industrial. 

AUTOTRIZ is the world’s no.1 Nano ceramic coating officially tested, inspected and certified by TÜV SÜD and SGS.This is a certainty of the highest standard of quality. 

AUTOTRIZ Nano ceramic coatings are compliant with the EU REACH Program, which are free of 211 substances of very high concern (SVHC), meaning not harmful to the environment or human health.

Some of Our

Services & Products

3D Matrix


A revolutionary high performance nano ceramic coating that utilizes Polysilazane to produce three-dimensional (3D) matrix nano structure. It offers extreme clarity, amazing reflections and gloss on the paint .Based on a patented Polysilazane technology, this 9H permanent barrier offers excellent resistance against stains, scratches, chemicals and temperature. It provides strong water-repellent properties that protect the paint surface from oxidation, discoloration, dirt, acid rain, salts and UV rays



AUTOTRIZ PPF Flexible Coating is a specialized flexible coating for all types of paint protection film. For Polyurethane film, matte and satin wraps and vinyl film. It formulated with heavy ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor to protect film against sun UV damage.It offers strong resistance to chemicals and environmental damage like acid rain marks which causes yellowing of film. It also prolongs the lifetime of the wrapped film with less maintenance and easier to clean. AUTOTRIZ PPF Flexible Coating enhances gloss to the surface along with excellent water and dirt repellency and extreme durability.



(For windscreen) Latest breakthrough in Nano technology for windscreen and glass. Provides extreme durability against abrasion of wiper blades. Its super hydrophobic effect to allow rain flowing off windscreen at speed as low as 60 km/h. Effectively provides exceptional optical clarity by cutting glare at night and improves driver’s safety during rain. One application lasts up to 18 months.



Nano Serum is the latest breakthrough in nano ceramic technology. It incorporates its nano-scale ceramic particles; acting as active agent to penetrate and fill up microscopic pores of clear coat. Thus delivering the strongest covalent bond between 3D Matrix Coating and clear coat. It forms an ultra barrier against harmful environmental elements. Nano Serum sets a new industry’s standard of ultra-smooth and super hydrophobic coating. Nano Serum is particularly suitable after V1 3D Matrix Coating Top is applied to increase coating density.



The toughest nano ceramic coating which bonds strongly on metal, chrome or aluminum wheels and wheel calipers. It has extreme heat resistance and contaminant resistance to efficiently repel brake dust, road grime and dirt. Helps keep wheels and calipers outshine others with easy cleaning. Delivers an unmatched durability for 12 months. Wheel Coating is particularly suitable for metal, chrome, aluminium and painted wheels.



A special transparent nano ceramic protective coating that protects exterior plastic and trim parts. Offers excellent resistance against water, weather and temperature. Helps to eliminate the risk of scratches. Leaves a natural and even finish which will not crack,bubble, flakes, peel, detach or discolor over the years. Plastic Coating is particularly suitable for exterior plastic & trim parts, headlight, plexiglass.

AutoTriz Ahmedabad

Autotriz brings you a revolutionary, advanced Nano Ceramic Coating technology, which provides all surface protective coatings for vehicles to preserve their originality for a lifetime.


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